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South India needs no introduction. This is perhaps the most ancient of all lands, and the heart of native India and its values. South India Tours are all about discovery - the discovery of a complex region which is steeped in intellectual thought and age old tradition. It is also the discovery of yourself and the journey to your soul.

Ayurveda and yoga resorts offer holistic treatments and world-famous massages that are known to cure ailments and soothe nerves. Earliest evidences of human settlements found in South India Tours date back to 8000 BCE and the subsequent rulers and dynasties that ruled the region have left their instinct impressions on its art, culture, and architecture.Between the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, South India Tour Packages manage the greatest spectacles that India is proud to own. Get a taste of a new, simplified life filled with profound meaning.

Kerla Spice Tours Packages Kerala

Kerala Spice Tours Packages

Kerala is accredited as God's own country and Kerala has the merit to earn such a coveted title. It is also designated as top ten paradises by the National Geography traveler. Thus it can be well understood that Kerala has international recognition as one of the major tourist destinations. Kerala is laced with abundant greenery; it has virgin water bodies, vast open sea beaches and the characteristic backwaters. All this inflict with heavenly beauty. Occasional rainfall makes the atmosphere youthful. True Kerala has some fascinating travel destinations. The spice tour at Kerala has some of the finest destinations under its banner.

Heritage Tour of Karnataka with Backwaters Mysore Palace, Mysore

Heritage Tour of Karnataka with Backwaters

The Heritage Tour of Karnataka with Backwaters brings together the delightful Nature works of Kerala with some of the rare temple and other Dravidian architectural gems of Karnataka. Natural and cultural wonders included in this tour are the Vidhan Soudha or the State Secretariat of Bangalore with 120-hectare Cubbon Park nearby. The beautiful fusion of Dravidian and modern architectural styles in the building is awesome.The imperial palaces of Mysore are treasures troves for those who love antiques, artwork and architecture. The Amba Vilas Palace or the Mysore was once home to the mighty Wodeyars and has some breathtaking displays such as Jewel studded Golden Throne from 14th century and the magnificent ceiling of the Marriage Pavilion

South India with Goa Goa Beach

South India with Goa

Assorting the most beautiful and exotic beads of Indian tourism, the month-long Classical South India Tours with Goa is one of the best tours for exploring India. It takes you to idyllic romantic beaches of Goa as where artists and sculptors have managed to capture almost every expression of sublime beauty and sensuousness in over 900 friezes.

South India - Treasure of Nature and Heritage Kerala Backwaters

South India - Treasure of Nature and Heritage

Open up the treasure trove of South India by opting for the Treasure of Nature & Heritage Tour. Taking you on a time transcending journey of the glory of dynasties and kingdoms of the past and highlighting the blessings of ecological wonders that Nature endows on us, the tour takes you to some of the most preferred tourist attractions of peninsular India. Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum is gateway to the interiors of Kerala and is often known as the City of Thousand-Headed Serpent of Lord Vishnu. Thrissur is the cultural capital of Kerala, better known for its Pooral Festival and the temple of Lord Shiva known as Vadakkumnathan Kshetram.

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